Terms & Conditions

Accelerate Now Website Services is a Web site product that is a part of the Accelerate Now Inc. Web Site portfolio of online marketing products for the dental/medical industry. “Website Services” means development, maintenance and hosting of a custom Website which includes the following features: graphic design, search engine optimization, mobile applications, weekly blogging, onsite video production and hosting, call tracking, live chat, social media implementation and management and a monthly tracking report. See description in package options to see exactly what is included in plan.

Limited Software License; Restrictions; Ownership, Subject to the provisions of your Agreement, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the Accelerate Now Inc. Software and the ANI Products only for internal business purposes in connection with the creation, updating, and maintenance of the Accelerate Now Inc. Web Site, and to make the Accelerate Now Inc. available to users of the Web in the ordinary course of business during the respective term of the Agreement applicable for each of your ANI Products. You may not alter, copy, reproduce, transmit, display, distribute, sell, transfer, or dispose of in any manner, or create derivative works of, any of the protected proprietary items including but not limited to (i) the Software; (ii) the Accelerate Now Products; (iii) the ANI domain names (iv) the Accelerate Now Web Sites and all content therein, without the express written permission of an authorized representative of Accelerate Now Inc.

Customized Web Address; Accelerate Now Inc. will either register one unique domain name for you as owner at no charge (e.g., www.yourpracticename.com) or, if you own an existing domain name, assist you in the transfer of such domain name to ANI to host at Accelerate Now Inc. on your behalf; provided, however, that you and the host of any existing web site and/or domain name you own are solely responsible for proper and effective transfer of the domain name. You warrant that you are the owner of, or are authorized by the owner of, any trademark or name used in the domain name for the Accelerate Now Inc. Web Site. Termination of the Agreement terminates your right to use any contents produced by Accelerate Now Inc. including but not limited to; graphic design, on page content, blog content & video produced by Accelerate Now Inc. Accelerate Now Inc. will allow unlimited use of content & videos produced, only after 12 months of fully paid invoices by customer from start of executed agreement. Customer has the option of buying out the remaining months of 12 month term to use content & video produced by Accelerate Now Inc. All programs automatically renew on a month-to-month basis, unless we receive a 30-day written notice. ANI charges a 25% fee for early program cancellation. Upon the expiration or termination of the Agreement with respect to all of the Accelerate Now Inc. Solutions, a written request by you within 30 days of such date, Accelerate Now Inc. will cooperate in the transfer of the applicable unique domain name for such service to you or another service provider designated by you; provided, however, that all outstanding invoices are paid. You are solely responsible for proper and effective transfer of the domain name, and after such termination and/or transfer you or your service provider are solely responsible for all administrative responsibilities for the domain name. If upon the expiration or termination of all Accelerate Now Inc. Solutions, you fail to provide a timely written request to transfer your domain name and the administration thereof to you or another service provider, ANI has the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel the domain name registration or let such registration lapse, or to direct users that access the domain name to Accelerate Now Inc. website.

Grant of Rights; All designs, software, tools, data files, manuals, methods, procedures, concepts, ideas, algorithms, creations, inventions, know-how, Content (other than Content you write), tools and libraries, publishing platforms, content management systems, and other intellectual property created or acquired by Accelerate Now Inc. before, during, or after this Agreement, while performing the Web Site Services are and will be the exclusive property of Accelerate Now Inc. Customer will not have or acquire any title or any right or interest in or to any ANI IP. Customer may not use, reproduce, or display ANI IP or prepare derivative works from ANI IP. Solely for all of Accelerate Now Inc. Website Services, after completion of the Initial 12 months of service and payment in full, Customer shall have all rights in the Website to any Content which was developed solely for the Customer, (hereinafter referred to as Custom Design and Custom Content) and Your Content (collectively the “Work(s)”), except that ANI retains all rights to non-custom Content that it provides. Upon proper notice of non-renewal, if Customer has complied with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and paid its Fees in full for 12 full months, then ANI shall work with Customer a) to convey a copy of the Works to Customer and b) to grant a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to Customer to use Custom Content and Custom Design, each in an agreed upon format and for a reasonable Fee as set by ANI. If ANI has hosted Customer’s Web Site product for one year or more, and customer has paid all Fees due for the ANI Products, then ANI shall waive the conveyance Fee.